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Video analytics for sensitive sites

Whatever the reason that makes you consider one site of your organization as sensitive, it should be protected: valuable goods, R&D intellectual property, economical data (headquarters), supply chain criticity, defense considerations...

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Fully specialized in sensitive sites & area protection, in outdoor conditions, EVITECH proposes its intelligent video surveillance solutions (video analytics) for all critical applications needing performance, sensitivity, robustness, outdoor and by all types of weathers : snow, fog, night, desert, ... 

The smart video sensor connects itself to any kind of image data (BNC, IP, WIFI, DSL, Firewire, ...), decoding if required H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, and many other formats, and provides an intelligent image analysis, resistant to any kind of outdoor conditions, for sensitive site protection applications : intrusion detection, abnormal behaviour, abandoned object, ...
It sends all the analysis data to a desktop (IP socket) or an alarm equipment (dry contactors), for the best integration with the selected or existing video system & architecture. Unlimited possibilites of alarm conditions are provided with real time pixel-accurate detouring of moving targets, alarm video recording, and alarm notification (through phone, e-mail, picture sending, web-site, etc), with very low false alarm rates (less than one per day most of the time in intrusion detection applications).

Smart Intelligent video surveillance hardware

With very powerful functions such as real time one-pixel targets detection, our detectors (a PC platform running one of the EAGLE (military) or JAGUAR (civilian) software) provides precise information on each alarm (date, time, area, target, image enhancement and stabilization) in order to disambiguate the situation or constitute a crime evidence.


The couple made by the camera and the video analytics system is self sufficient, since it detects all alarms, filters wrong events (it is not connected by ADSL or GSM to any builder or third party external system), and provides short video sequences of good quality for the doubt raising.


Keywords : intelligent video surveillance, smart video sensor, automatic video detection, artificial vision software.

Intelligent video surveillance applications and conditions