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Video analytics for energy plants


One of the most frequent mission of the video analytics  solution Jaguar is the protection of worldwide energy production & management sites, with in particular :

nuclear plant protection video analytics

  • nuclear plants,

  • solar plants,
  • oil energy plants,
  • oil & gas sites (storing, transport, delivery)
  • transformation stations and substations,
  • water energy and cooling installations.



On these sites, Jaguar is used for various protection applications, e. g. in place of linear detection equipment (infrared, hyper-frequency, doppler), or complementing this equipment:

  • perimeter protection, in particular on new installations, for detecting the approach of an intruder only from cameras (saving installation cost of other detection equipment)
  • roof protection as well as borderside buildings, which could be climbed for entering,
  • high walls and fences surveillance (against escalade, or engined overpassing, ...),
  • water access surveillance,
  • cooling and filtering installation surveillance,
  • oil & gas pipes surveillance and oil & gas leaks/vapors detection,
  • flare surveillance (extinction or runaway),
  • outdoor fire start detection.