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Video analytics for state & public uses


EVITECH's video analytics  solutions have been checked for long and are still regularly under tests by different public organisms in the perspective of public and government sites protection. Already deployed on sites and buildings belonging to various Ministeries (Interior, Defense, Culture, Health, ...) or to local authorities (cities, ...), our video analysis solutions have enabled the reinforcement of protection, with a significant budget reduction for these operations, either for their installation, or for their maintenance.


On these sites often close to open streets (contrarily to industrial sensitive sites, often settled far from public sight), our intelligent video surveillance tools enable -thanks to a warranty of low false alarms rates- a slight efficiency improvement of security teams, and a budget lowerage of human operations. In some cases, the system is so powerful that guards would not longer go out of the building for patrols ; they rely on the remote vision of alarms.

Musee Villeneuve Ascq

Thus, in a Building like the Modern Art Museum of Villeneuve d'Ascq (see photo), the Jaguar software fulfills missions like the following ones :

  • intruder detection depending on opening/closing time, 
  • laid object detection, or detection of changes (tagging, ...),
  • suspicious moves detection (coming to the walls from the gardens),
  • roof protection, and protection of windows & openings of the highest floors,
  • sculptures protection outdoor (in the gardens).


For the case of other public buildings, missions can vary with applications like :

  • automatic triggering of raising obstacles when a car does not stop on control spots when approaching a sensitive site, or the its speed overcomes a limit,
  • outdoor perimeter protection, and noman's land protection,
  • water access surveillance (pools, rivers, channels...),
  • walls and facades climbing,
  • children entering water pools, on gardens open to public ,
  • ...