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Evitech - Vidéo surveillance intelligente

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EVITECH participated to NATO's tests at BELCOAST'09

From October 5 to October 15 2009, EVITECH was present on the Belgian Coast (Koksijde and Lombardsijde) for participating to the NATO organized BELCOAST tests (CIP category).


EVITECH had the opporutnity to demonstrate the quality of its Intelligent Video Analysis Software, when tested on TSC4500 cameras, AXSYS cameras (BFI Optilas), and Sagem DS MicroCamera. In communication with a ground unattended sensor, the software analyze was also demonstrated on Alcatel Lucent's WiMax.


From the tests, the CIP experts from NATO wrote a report about the system presented :


  • "Motion detection and camera was excellent, no radar needed"
  • "Smooth integration of a new type of camera is possible in half a day, so good interoperability"
  • "Easy and rapid detection"
  • "Image analyzing system has a very high future potential"


An extended video of the tests is available for interested customers (please ask us). You can also have a glance here at the corresponding tests photo gallery :


video analytics belcoast - pedestrianvideo analytics belcoast - 4 people

video analytics belcoast - light armoured car 2video analytics belcoast - light armoured car 2video analytics belcoast - light armoured car 2 video analytics belcoast - light armoured carvideo analytics belcoast - light armoured car 2

video analytics belcoast - day snipervideo analytics belcoast - night sniper

video analytics belcoast - helicopter detectionvideo analytics belcoast - unattended ground sensor

video analytics belcoast - fastboat  detection video analytics belcoast - fastboat detection