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A new project for Oil & Gas installation protection

Ordered by end 2010, this big project (around 50 cameras) consists in protecting Oil & Gas installations of a thermal plant close to a river. The first studies, for several weeks, led to define the positions of the cameras, one part on the above rack, and one part in the rack under the pipes, in order to protect them from both sides. Like in the case of the Donges refinery that EVITECH equiped in 2008, this new project targets the detection of oil leaks, from the images of thermal cameras dedicated to measure temperatures of circulating fluids.


Oil pipes surveillance by intelligent video surveillance (video analytics) for detection of leaks and intruders

By extension, an application for intruder detection around the pipes has also been implemented.


"The most delicate phasis is the driving of the test cases," declares A. Grivaux, in charge of the configuration & tests part of project, "since we will not pierce the oil pipes nor spread oil all around !  The method and the test tools were defined in procedure documents with the customer, camera per camera, for night and day tests sets. We agreed to use high pressure cleaners, with a variable temparature water alimentation, in order to test every case of leak.  All the videos  were recorded and registrered, with the resulting outputs, in order to enable reproductibility of the tests."


"It is a very big amount of work", he concludes, "but now the procedure is  defined and documented, it can be played again by period and by site subpart, in order to guarantee system non-regression."