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LYNX to protect headquarters during fire alarm

The LYNX product was selected in order to protect 8 floors of a major french company in its headquarters skyscraper in Paris La Defense.


EvacuationIn the context of a rigorous safety and security policy, respecting employees protection standards, a major French group selected LYNX solution to monitor, during fire alarms, accesses to the floors of its headquarters in a very high building.

LYNX allows to count simultaneously people exiting and entering over the same access line in a floor, even when walking against the main outing stream, which ensures detection of somebody climbing in the corridors while employees, escaping the building, are less aware about unknown visitors, and could possibly not close their cabinets and chests, to put their goods and data safe.

The installed solution monitors from a unique server, around 30 floor accesses to site corridors. It governs a dry contact per floor in order to warn safety and security responsible agents of a situation of a climbing individual at such or such floor.