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Military Airbase protection in Southern Europe

EVITECH has just signed an important contract, to protect with its JAGUAR VCA software solution more than 130 cameras (thermal and PTZ) on a military airbase in southern Europe (non continental).

Mediterranean airbaseTarget applications will cover detection of intruders at long or very long range, in a military context, surveillance of buildings surrounds at shorter range, and target tracking through remote PTZ cameras.

It is the first big non-French military project realized by EVITECH.

This project bid, won after operational representative tests realized by the customer, after a deception with another supplier's solution, constitutes a starting point for stronger business relationships for other projects alike in the region. Jaguar's performance made it possible to demonstrate the capacity to detect correctly, in every situations, and with very few false alarms. A quick deployment of the project is forecast during this summer, over servers bought locally in order to benefit from local support.

Mediterranean islands are in a strategical position for a wide set of problematics in Safety (e. g. terrorism), Security (e. g. land fires due to global heating), and Defense (airbase activities reinforced by conflicts and issuing illegal migrations).