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Counting at Lyon's festival of lights

For the festival of lights 2017 in Lyon, EVITECH realised the counting of crowd attendance at night, on the famous "Place des Terreaux" in LYON, to check and assess crowd's density on the place, and help organizers to manage entrance flows to the spot (exits being free), according to crowd density.

The Festival of lights is constituted of a set of several minutes shows, and other street events, that are spread in the city downtown. One of the high spots of the festival is the Place des Terreaux, a great central place right in front of the City Hall. This place is more than 150 m long over 70 m bride, and can contain a large crowd, as shown by this picture taken on December 2017 the 8th, at the beginning of the festival :

PlacedT FL dimanche

The show on place des Terreaux consists in a "sounds & lights" projection for several minutes on the walls of the place. Once the show session is completed, most of the audience leaves the place toward other animations whilst some others stay to attend a second session.

Despite difficult lighting conditions, due to night and against the show lights, EVITECH's LYNX tools, processing a dozen of cameras covering entrances, exits, and the place itself, allowed to constitute a global view of density evolution on the place.

Data was aggregated and delivered through a "Dashboard" web tool from the company :

Spectacles FL dimanche

This curve (as an exemple), representing the last festival day, illustrates progressive entries for show sessions on the place, exits after show sessions, and the whole evolution of the global attendance of shows along the night, lowering at the end of the evening. Beginning of shows started at 18:30, density was at its maximum of 1600 persons around 08:00 pm, and the end of the shows was at 23:00.